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It Starts With an Idea

You don't have to have Diamond Hands to give back to your community. However, if you are holding the line then lend a hand and help some one whom is holding on for dear life. We will never ask you for money, we are after something a lot more valuable. YOUR TIME AND YOUR IDEAS! We are looking for high impact low cost initiatives to implement across the community.

2022 Dance to the Toon

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It's Worth The Smile....

We kicked off this year by purchasing soccer balls and are currently distributing them to low income children across the Dallas-Fort Worth and Galveston areas. Our reasoning was that soccer can be played anywhere without the need for other equipment. Our objective is to enrich the soul by providing a fun activity that the entire family can enjoy. It reduces child obesity, depression and increases a sense of community. Below is a step by step process that you can replicate in your own town or city.

Additionally, we sourced bikes through local sales and distributed to our local orphanage, All Children's Home Fort Worth.

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  1. Follow the link to Alibaba - We purcahsed 80 balls at $2.50/ ball including shipping from Ningbo Vic Ball Sporting Goods

    • We dealt with Mr. Bob Liu, who was very helpful

    • We requested #5 size which is official FIFA size

  2. Due to Covid and Christmas (LA port delays). It took 60 days for delivery.

  3. Once you get your balls, you will need to air them up. You can either do this with a hand pump or preferably an electric pump.

    • You can find a cheap hand pump on Amazon for under ten dollars.

  4. This part is a bit tricky but the easiest way to distribute the balls would be through schools and churhes. We keep a few balls handy and any time we see a child we brighten their day with a brand new soccer ball.

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